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Why We Are Different

Our core values are what makes us different. They aren’t just a fluff piece to keep people happy and then not put them into action. We believe they are values that we carry out in everything we do.


Values that shape us not only as a business but as people as well.


They are ways for us to be who we want to be and to demonstrate to you that we are the people you need.


Who We Are

We are a boutique commercial law firm based in Perth, Western Australia. We specialize in Litigation, Commercial and Corporate Law, Property Law, Tax and Superannuation.

At Laird Lawyers we don’t just talk about making a difference, we are the difference.

Being different is being intensely creative, in our thinking and our approach. What we do do, we do do well, very well.

Being different is being easily reachable, offering personalized experiences for all our clients, being not only a law firm, you contact as a last resort, but as a trusted confidant and advisor.

Being different motivates us to help others. It’s being connected to the communities that have impacted our lives.

Being different is our straightforward approach, we don’t give you the BS. We talk business sense and use common sense.

Being different is offering our high-quality service at a highly competitive price, making our work very cost-effective. Valuing your business without any hidden costs.

Being different is giving you the full story when it comes to your matter. You should expect honesty and we deliver transparency.

Being different is creating a futureproof culture. One that is a sustainable as possible helping prepare our world for future generations.

Being different is a strength, one team, created from its individual uniqueness, working together, achieving results.

That is why we are ‘the difference that you need.’

These are our core values. Values that we carry out in everything we do. Values that shape us not only as a business but as people as well.


Our Core Values

Intensely creative:

Being intensely creative means that we are innovative in our thinking when it comes to your matters. We strive to come up with new solutions

Easily reachable:

By us being easily reachable, it allows for us to be a law firm who you see as trusted advisors rather than being a firm that you are scared to talk to. We work to be available to you and provide you with the service you want


We want to be as connected to the community that we are living and the communities that have impacted us in our growth and as such our community focus is demonstrated through our work with small businesses and community sporting teams.


We believe that to be a sustainable business we need to take responsibilities for the future. We strive to work towards a business that supports this through our recycling and our cloud-based activity where possible

Straightforward approach:

We don’t want to confuse you with fancy jargon that will cause issues when they are not fully understood, so we give you the information that you require in a straightforward manner. We


We lower your overhead costs as a boutique law firm and continue to offer the highest quality service at a very competitive price, allowing for you to get awesome bang for your buck


Honesty isn’t a value, it’s a baseline. Expect honesty and deliver transparency. This is something that we strive towards in all we do. We know that you deserve honesty on your matters, and we provide you with the all the potential outcomes on your matter and don’t hide anything from you