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Experts in tax and superannuation law

Tax and superannuation law is a very important section of the constitution which is an incredibly niche field for lawyers. Our team of tax and superannuation focused lawyers work within this niche field with strong knowledge of the ins and outs to achieve the best result possible in your matters. We specialise in:

  • Trust Tax advice
  • Tax Residency
  • General Tax Advice
  • Self-managed Superfunds
  • Death Benefit Nominations

Tax and Superannuation Lawyers

Tax is an important consideration in almost all areas of corporate and commercial law. Whether it is indirectly through establishing a business structure or more directly through disputes with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), Laird Lawyers are your trusted advisors on all these situations.

Tax advice: We can provide legal, general tax advice relating to various areas, including trust tax advice, tax fraud and evasion, appeals, normal and company tax invoices, stamp duty, capital gains tax and land tax.

Tax Residency: We frequently advise people working abroad on their tax recording. This is particularly important for people working in low or no tax jurisdiction to minimise the risk of overseas income being taxed in Australia.


Superannuation is all about protecting your future. There are many options on offer for superfunds and the transition of money after the passing of a person from their superfund. We at Laird Lawyers can help in a large variety of ways through general advice to the formation of self-managed super funds, as well as creating a plan for the succession of the super fund balance in the event of a person’s passing through a death benefit nomination.

A death benefit nomination is a document that is legally binding and allows for a dependent to advise a trustee on who is to receive a superannuation benefit in the event of a death. We can assist in this by creating the documents required for the nomination.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Self-managed super funds (SMSF) are superannuation accounts that are managed by the person themselves. This means that the investment that is made in the persons retirement is managed by the person that will be retiring and receiving the benefits of the super fund. For this type of super fund to be approved it must comply with tight regulations to prove that the fund is being managed in the correct way. Our SMSF lawyers will work with you to make sure these super funds comply with all the regulations to allow for the fund to be eligible for tax concessions, maximising your super amount.

Get in Touch with our Tax & Superannuation Lawyers in Perth Today

If you require legal assistance with a tax or superannuation matter, let Laird Lawyers take care of it for you. Our firm is conveniently located in the Perth CBD. To book a consultation with one of our knowledgeable superannuation and tax lawyers, get in touch by calling 08 6271 3903 today.