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We can assist you with your property & conveyancing needs

From finance to settlement, drafting various documents such as leases, covenants, easements and mortgages through to any potential disputes

Property Lawyer

Combining extensive knowledge in property matters with a personalised service, our highly experienced property lawyers work to deliver the best outcome for your circumstances. We can assist you in all areas commercial and residential property law, from finance to settlement, drafting various documents such as leases, covenants, easements and mortgages through to commercial leases and any potential disputes.


Get in Touch with our Property Lawyers in Perth Today

If you require legal assistance with conveyancing, commercial leases, property disputes and more, Laird Lawyers can help. Our office is conveniently located in the Perth CBD. To book a consultation with one of our skilled property lawyers, get in touch by calling 08 6271 3903 today.


We work with you at every stage of the settlement journey, from forming documents needed prior to settlement all the way to the post settlement and you moving into your house. Our property lawyers can provide legal services that are not able to be provided through regular settlement agents. We provide preparation of important content, pre-settlement work, work during settlement and post settlement work, as well as providing many extra services as required, all at very low prices.


Finance and loans

We draft documents that are necessary for you to get finance approval and loan approval. We also provide advice on your finance and loans to assist in the process of finding the best possible value for you.


Mortgages, caveats, and other encumbrances

An encumbrance is any claim that is made against a property such as an outstanding mortgage. We assist in the management of these encumbrances through issuing caveats, which are statements saying that there is interest in the property from someone who is not the owner of the house or if someone other then the owner has a claim to right over some of the property. We can assist in dealing with these issues that may arise and help get you in the new house or sell your house with no issues.

Commercial leases

We act for both tenants and owners in all kinds of commercial leases, ranging from simple commercial property leases to retail tenancy leases. There are many pieces of law that impact these types of leases and we are experts in helping you achieve the best outcome for your commercial lease.


Construction and property development

Property development and construction is a field that is highly detailed in its regulations and its laws. We can help you with all these complexities, from drafting documents to providing advice about what you can and cannot do within these complex legislations. We consider ourselves to be experts in achieving the best results for you when it comes to these guidelines to allow for the best, realistic outcome for you in your development and construction process.


Property dispute litigation

We act in a wide range of property disputes, acting for first homeowners, owner/builders, strata companies, investors, and property developers. Examples of these disputes include:

(a) construction, including compliance with Australian Standards and the Contract, issuing default notices, etc.
(b) acting for a beneficiary under a Will in a dispute with another family member who claimed an equitable interest in the property.
(c) Dividing fence disputes.
(d) Adverse possession claims, for example where a garden fence had been erected in the wrong position many decades earlier.
(e) strata companies, such as where one owner breached rules causing damage for the other owners: and
(f) acting for clients under the Commercial Tenancy (Retail Shops) Agreements Act disputes.