International Services

Australia’s strong economic foundations, low risk profile and location in the Asia Pacific region provides a wealth of opportunities for those looking to invest or expand. Australia has strong primary industries, such as mining and resources and agriculture, but also rapidly expanding secondary industries such as tourism, education and manufacturing. 

For Australian businesses looking to grow, expanding beyond Australia into Asia and the rest of the world can provide enormous opportunities. In addition to the local laws of the jurisdiction into which you are looking to expand, there are a number of factors which need to be considered, whether they be possible incentives available to develop exports to particular markets or Australian regulatory obligations to ensure that Australian laws are not breached in the foreign operation. Some of these obligations can arise despite the fact there being very little, if any, actions within Australia.

If you are looking to grow your business internationally, Laird Lawyers have experience in acting for people and companies looking to expand into Australia and from Australia to Asia and the Middle East.

Further Information

Do you Ship to USA ? UK or Bahamas ?

We ship worldwide

Can we have our own branding on the goods ?

Yes ! all you have to do is provide us your logo in order to get approved from us .

I have something creative to be made by your factory is it possible ?

Yes ! we welcome always the new creative ideas and designs .

Do you do custom made designs ?

Yes ! we can make every possible designs of your requirement .

What types of leather do you have ?

we deal mostly in Goat - cow - sheep and camel leathers . we also offer chemical free natural leathers as you can see our collection .

What sizes you can make ?

we can make any kind of sizes from US to Europeans - from Newborns to size 15 US \ 48 EU